Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11 and Sherry Ann Bordeaux

Today is a day that many will not soon forget.

I was still working full time on September 11, 2001 and in the middle of my daily commute to Troy, MI. I had the radio on, flipping channels as I usually do. This day, I happened to decide on the local talk radio station. What I heard as I pulled in the parking lot of my seven story office building shocked me.

The World Trade Center had been hit by not one, but two airplanes... two commercial airliners packed with travelers of all races, creeds, colors, ages and beliefs. The World Trade Center buildings... 110 floors each, filled to the brim with people starting their day were burning. Two gaping holes were visible mid-way up and smoke was pouring from each. My heart sank.

I no sooner got into the office when my husband called me and asked if I heard the news.

"Yes, Honey... I have," I said.

"Nancy... there were people on those planes... in those buildings," he whispered, barely able to speak.

"I know, Honey... I know," I replied in the same whisper. I didn't know what to say. I didn't really know what to do.


SHERRY ANN BORDEAUX was born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey. She was a member of the honor society and the basketball and bowling teams in high school. Her sister, Cynthia Lewis remembers her as someone who never missed a day of school. "She was a straight-A student." After highschool, Sherry graduated from St. Peter's College in Jersey City and began working as an accountant for Fiduciary Trust. She was in her office on the 90th floor of Tower Two when the second hijacked passenger jet hit the floors below. She had left a phone message after the first jet hit the other tower.

"She called us at 8:48 and said, 'There's been an explosion, I'll call you later,'" Lewis said. "We were home and watching it on TV. We just didn't hear the phone."

Sherry shared a house with her mother, brother, sister and nephews in Jersey City, New Jersey. These days the house is emptier. She is no longer around to make special dishes that she learned from watching "Emeril Live" on the Food Network, or to take her nephews - Marquise Lewis, 10, and Justin Lewis, 3 - out to dinner or the movies.

Now they only have memories of her.

After reading bits of information on Sherry I imagine she was vivacious woman with hopes and dreams just like everyone else in the world. Her family adored her... cherished her. They cling to memories of a summer reunion in 2001 where siblings and cousins and countless other extended family members went to Fayettville, N.C., in July and spent a week together.

I never met Sherry, although I believe I would have liked her from the moment we met. I'll never know her personally... never get the chance. But, what I DO know is that she'll be missed by many. She'll be missed by the world and this world will be a lesser place because Sherry wasn't around to make it just that much brighter. She was only 38 years old.

Today, I ask those that might have known Sherry to post here, on my blog, anything you knew about Sherry. Let those around the world know what a wonderful person was taken from us. Have her memory live on in script for a bit longer.

May all those who were killed on this day five years ago be remembered, celebrated and held in high esteem. God Bless them all.


nelania said...

This seemed fitting:

The courage of life is often a less dramatic
spectacle than the courage of the final moment;
but it is no less a magnificent mixture of triumph
and tragedy A man does what he must-in spite of
personal consequences; in spite of obstacles and
dangers and pressures-and that is the basis of all
- John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Jab said...

My Aunt Sherry was a wonderful person who loved to dance and had a good sense of fashion. She never tried to hurt anyone and she never deserved to die. But the worst thing is, is that she never got to see my little brother Jared. My mom mom told me that I am like her in so many ways because I love to dance, dress up and do my hair just like she used to do. Lastly everyone that knew my Auntie Sherry loved her, my daddy especially misses her dearly

Janay Bordeaux (her only neice)

Anonymous said...

I use to work with Sherry in Jersey City before the company moved to the World Trade Center. She was my only friend at the company. What a beautiful & vibrant girl... I think of her often and will continue to keep her family in my prayers. PEACE BE STILL...
-Sonji' Hightower Lucas